Green Building Process

A Novelty

Green Building is still a great challenge for many architects and engineers, but it is also a novelty to most General Contractors and Subcontractors. Such practices can be viewed as a "nuisance" and "costly" to Contractors who have not instilled fundamental green building practices to their work flow. The lack of familiarity with LEED and the challenges related to meeting LEED documentation requirements, especially for non-english speakers, is enough to jeapordize a Client's objectives. Experienced LEED and Green Building Consulting is fundamental to the success of the project and must be contracted before any site work begins.



Once a General Contractor understands that their work is an important part of a broad iniciative, that compensation for their additional effort is understood, the project will take hold and it will be possible to instill green building processes in the building work flow.


Accountability and Responsibility

Green Building must become a passion for a General Contractor and Subcontractors working on a LEED Project. From Site Assessment to Brownfield Remediation, Erosion & Sedimentation and Construction Waste Planning, to accounting of Material Flows and Purchasing, a General Contractor and Subcontractors must understand that rigid accounting is necessary, that they have a big responsibility in the execution of a Green Building project, and that they can and should seek assistance from the Design Team when necessary.

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