LEED Commissioning

Commissioning (Cx) means Quality Control

Fundamental Commissioning is a pre-requisite for LEED Certification. It is a pre-requisite because it is an important service to ensure the environmental performance of a building meets design intentions. This is one of the key processes that help reverse the traditional design-build-operate plan work flow. It is the best way to influence design for energy efficiency and ensure system-by-system evaluation of equipment installation. From a Client's point-of-view you want to "know you got, what you paid for" and Commissioning work is your way of keeping General Contractors and Subcontractors in check. Cx has an extremely short Return on Investment, which in stadium and arena applications means typically less than 3 months.

Enhanced Commissioning

We offer Enhanced Commissiong services, a more involved service in engineering design and a more in-depth analysis of system installation and equipment testing. Aside from providing additional LEED Certification points we feel that any serious LEED Project should include Enhanced Commissioning work. Our team of Commissioning Agents have worked on more stadium projects than any other team in the world.

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