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Sustainable Design

We must change the way we think about building

A "sustainable" building project requires a different design-build approach. It is critical that the Design Team include input from the future Building Operator, the Business Planning team, General Contractors, Commissioning Agents, Engineers, Architects and where possible Local City Representatives before the first line is drawn. To obtain the best Legacy result we must think in reverse, beginning with building operation and take on a TEAM design approach.

EcoArenas Project Management

Plan early for sustainability and for LEED Certification

As with any LEED project it is absolutely key to make sure that Design Team goals are clearly defined and that the sustainable design process is well explained to stakeholders who have not yet participated in LEED projects. A weak link can be very costly to the Client and taxing on the rest of the team.


The Design TEAM is at the center-of-it-all

A focused centralized effort is always best. The sooner responsibilities are assigned and the scope of work defined, the sooner actual design work can begin.


EcoArenas © 2014. All rights reserved

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