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The sport & entertainment business is a highly specialized field. EcoArenas has a unique team of Master Planners, Stadium and Arena Architects, Roof and Pitch Ligting Designers, Engineers, LEED AP Consultants, Stadium Product Specialists, Commissioning Agents and Stormwater and Renewable energy implementation Engineers.  Whatever the needs of your project may be we can assist you in reaching your goals.

Master "Legacy" Planning and Project Management

Sustainable design begins with excellent Planning and continuous detail-oriented Project Management. Our team has experience in bringing together the full design and execution teams with a focused approach to meet design requirements; including for mega events such as the FIFA Conferations Cup and FIFA World Cup. Our team has assisted our Clients in negotiation with FIFA, the US Green Building Council & Green Building Certification Institute on the best immediate and long-term paths for sustainable design and LEED Certification.

Understanding the use of spaces within the building under various operating scenarios (mega-events & legacy) is key to determining the engineering and space control requirements for different spaces. These decisions affect architecture layouts, lighting design, air delivery volumes and exhaust rates, cooling and heating, and the need for CO2 sensors or lighting controls, to name a few.. Only an experienced should tackle such design challenges.

Architecture: sports facilities & stadium design

Our team of architects are based in the United States and Brazil.  From the smallest gym training facility to stadiums of over 70,000 capacity our team delivers designs that are highly functional, accessible, and which provide the absolute best environment for athletes and fans.  We are excited by the strides we are making in sustainable design and construction and look forward to the pursuit of creating the perfect stadium for every possible environment.  This is our quest for our client’s, to design their very own, unique EcoArena.

Sports Engineering

Sports engineering requires a set of very specific skills. We collaborate with the very best in the business, doing work all over the world, to always push the envelope.

Lighting Design

One of the biggest consumers of energy in a stadium is field lighting or more commonly known as "pitch lighting." Proper Pitch Lighting design is carried out by only a few experts in the world. These professionals dedicate exclusively to this technique. Rapidly evolving lighting fixture technologies and demands for HD and 3D broadcast present a great challenge when integrated with the goal of reducing overall energy consumption. Our team is the same team which consults for FIFA and we believe our professionals to be the very best in their field.

Stormwater Design

Water management on a stadium site is a complicated puzzle. Every facility should do all it can to control peak demand by reduced water consumption. The key for major efficiency gains however comes with rainwater harvesting, treatment, redistrubition and reuse. Non-potable use, such as for landscape irrigation, pitch irrigation, stadium floor washing and urinal and water closet can be reduced by almost 100% in most stadium locations as long as the site is large enough and there is sufficient rainfall. Our stormwater designers take on the stormwater design challenge aggressively and have achieved water savings unmatched in the industry.

Renewable Energy Design

Integrating renewable energy generation to a stadium or an arena site can be an excellent solution for reducing overall building energy consumption as long as there is a net-metering mechanism to trade the energy generated with the local electricity grid. Because stadiums are "surge" buildings, they can be generating excess energy most days and have this energy compensated later during events.

Our team designed the first Net-Zero Energy / Zero-Plus Energy stadium in the world. The ROI (Return on Investment) is projected at less than 10 years with manufacturer guarantees valid for 25 years. The excess revenue generation from solar energy for the Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha stadium in Brazil is one of the key components that can help maintain the stadium in periods of reduced activity at the venue.

Site Planning, Public Transportation, Bike Valet Parking and Pedestrian Access

Most people are surprised to learn that the greatest contributer to CO2 emissions during stadium operation come from transportation of fans to an from a venue. It is therefore key to focus efforts on site location and providing the infrastructure to help reduce traffic congestion while making the facility more accessible, enjoyable to get to and as a result, more profitable. Our team at EcoArenas works hard to make this a priority and to help improve our client's and the city's Legacy result.

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