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Building Operation

Optimal Legacy Performance Requires Quality Design

"It's too late!" These are the words to fear.

According to the US Green Building Council more than 70% of the environmental impact of a building occurs during building operation, after construction is completed. In our experience more than 90% of this impact is determined at the Design stage. With this in mind, it is critical to impact environmental performance at the concept and planning stages. Only experts in the field understand the true requirements of designing spaces to maximize Client revenue and optimize operational efficiency. This cannot be left to architects alone! An experienced Legacy Design Team must be hired to manage the full design, build and operate process.

Legacy Planning

Mega-events like the World Cup and Olympic Games often leave behind stadiums and arenas which become "white elephants." These stadiums were "built-to-fail" because their end-use was not considered during the design and building stages. Facilities are left without a busines plan and modifications to the buildings to meet market requirements are too costly to attract investment or private market ownership. An experienced design team can Design-for-Legacy while making adaptations to facilities in order to meet temporary requirements of mega-events.

Measurement & Verification

Fundamental to improving the operation of a building is the ability to measure, test and program how a building operates. This requires an experienced Operations Team and investment in technologies at the Design stage to allow a building to collect the necessary data. Such data can assist the Operations teams to implement energy, water and waste reduction strategies which will lead to better environmental and financial performance. Periodic Commissioning is also key to maintaining building operation in accordance with Design objectives.

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