Product Specification

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are special buildings. They require tremendous research into products & technologies available in the market place.  Different climates and stadium or arena designs can dramatically change the choice of materials and technologies. From field turf, to pitch lighting, seating composites to WiFi services and Point-of-Sale and ticketing services, stadiums require a suite of technologies that can be vital to user experience and the business success of the Client.

Green Building Materials & Technologies

Specification of environmentally friendly products which contribute to LEED certification is also a core competency of our firm.  The rapidly evolving marketplace for green building materials requires expert knowledge of the best materials choices for a building. Technologies such as effiicient lighting, controls and sensors are also fundamental to Measuring and Controlling a building's performance to match a building's design to its Legacy Operation.

Our team has experts in the many fields that contribute to stadium design and we invest a great deal of time and money in this research. Our Clients find great value in this knowledge.

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